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Human Resources


Human Resources and Work Relations Management - Advisory Service
Human Resources and Work Relations management issues are analyzed. Our recommendations are geared towards improving management protocol and the work environment, resulting in an increase in personnel motivation and productivity.

Language Training Sessions: English / French / Spanish / Italian / German / Portuguese / Dutch
Language lessons are extended under the supervision of first rate teachers. Being able to communicate in several languages is definitely a world class tourist asset facilitating business-to-business transactions. The language training sessions are available on location, in private or in groups, and can be accessed online.

Food and Beverage, Hospitality Personnel Training
Training sessions are also offered to help employees further their skills and work knowledge in each and every area: Reception Desk, Food and Beverage, Room Service, Meal preparation and presentation, Inventory Management, Waste Control, Customer Relations Management, Housekeeping, General Store, etc.

Human Resources Management Training
Our Human Resources Management specialists will provide your department heads with the proper tools to establish and reinforce company policies regarding staffing, personnel retention, endowment and duty assignment. They will also study current working methods, conflict solving techniques and all other factors that can save time, effort and expenses.

Customer Relations Personnel Training and Motivation Workshops
We offer Customer Relations training sessions and personnel motivation workshops. These services help improve the work environment and stimulate productivity. They contribute to the corporate image and benefit your clients, first in line.

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