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Marketing and Communications


“All Inclusive” Hospitality Resorts Improvement
A detailed, comprehensive study of your business is conducted with regards to each and every aspect: Infrastructures, services, food and beverages, management, human resources, etc. We then provide you with strategic recommendations, to enable up-grading customer services as well as operations, in order to develop greater customer satisfaction and loyalty while optimizing bottom-line results.

Complying with AAA-CAA « 5 Diamonds » Standards
We help you reach AAA-CAA « 5 Diamonds » high standards through affordable solutions.

Key Marketing Elements Analysis and Improvement
Our marketing logistics analysis is based on the four traditional key elements, the ‘’4 Ps’’: Product, Price, Place/Distribution and Promotion. Since you operate in a service combination context, we add three factors that are valued by customers, and which must be clearly defined within your business strategy: The service dispensing process, physical environment, and the staff upon which rests every activity concerned.

Feasibility Study
After analyzing the requirements, we produce the estimated cost breakdown of your investment and operational needs, taking into account the anticipated timeframe and potential returns on your investment for a given project. Examining different possible scenarios will enable you to make an enlightened decision as to keeping with your goal and implementing the organizational methodology you find best suited. A more in-depth study is available through our “Working Side by Side” services.

E-Com Technology Counselings
Existing technological infrastructures is assessed to help you determine which advanced solution is best suited to bring your communications installations up to par with top of the line technology. This approach benefits your business and clients as well.

Marketing Project Support
We help you prepare your marketing strategies and even surpass your goals, all within your budget forecast.

Applied Communication Tools
You will be introduced to the finest technology and presented with the best possible solutions to bridge your telecommunication issues.

International Tourism Advisory Service
The various impacts of tourism are measured, beyond the restrictive scope of direct expenditures, but also bringing the different spin-offs to light. By analyzing the different effects we can identify how, and through which channels, tourism impacts your business’s other sources of income.

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