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Other Services


Corporate Meetings (For all types of businesses)
Letting us carefully organize your Corporate Meetings means offering your staff the best of both worlds: Work and relax in a dream location, where concentration comes easy. You’ll have their undivided attention! This service helps employees develop a more positive opinion of their employer, and make your corporate meetings a complete success.

Procedure Handbooks
We develop Procedure Handbooks that are fully adapted to your very needs. They constitute an indispensable tool to develop and maintain high quality standards. They provide the cornerstones to decision and action processes, sustained and guided by a set of values. The guidelines are based on standardizing operational processes.

Overseas Legal Services
Should you have any legal concerns, our lawyers can handle your defense and represent your interests worldwide.

ISO: 9001-2000
It is essential to implement a quality management system to become ISO certified. Having a quality management system registered by our qualified consultants, provides you with a clear and recognized process demonstrating constant conformity to established quality standards with improvement provisions. It confirms that your quality control system works and that you are able to provide goods and services that are always consistent with international quality standards and client expectations.

Other Various and Customized Advisory Services
Other specific customized services are available upon request. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information in this regard.

Collective Hygiene – Proactive Pandemic Measures
Implementing collective hygiene measures is a sure way of reducing health hazards. In partnership with a specialized company, we provide you with a corporate pandemic prevention and preparedness plan. Together with our partner, our commitment also includes informing all personnel on the importance of working in a healthy environment. A wide range of products and resources are available to help minimize the risks of contamination, when there is a crisis.

Online Consulting Services
Our online consulting services represent a quick and inexpensive option when a situation requires immediate attention. Should you need immediate assistance to handle an important or urgent matter, our specialists will gladly respond to your needs, within 72 hours* following your request, be it by phone or via Internet. They will provide you with three (3) potential courses of action to solve unexpected situations or urgent matters adequately.

* Your request will be answered promptly, possibly in less than 72 hours, considering the related demand and seasonal peaks.

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