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What We Offer


We can help you optimize your business performance. Our specialists will study every factor that is related to pursuing and achieving your goals. Our consulting partners are dedicated to your success.


Human Resources

Human Resources and Work Relations Management - Advisory Service, Language Training Sessions, Food and Beverage, Hospitality Personnel Training,Human Resources Management Training, Customer Relations Personnel Training and Motivation Workshops

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Operations Management Advice, Operations Management, Project Management

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Other Services

Corporate Meetings (For all types of businesses), Procedure Handbooks, Overseas Legal Services, ISO: 9001-2000, Other Various and Customized Advisory Services, Collective Hygiene – Proactive Pandemic Measures

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Management and Finances

Managerial Procedures Review, Financial Advice, Business Turnaround, Financial Analysis, Finance Management Support, Property Management Support, Business Turnaround Support

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Marketing and Communications

“All Inclusive” Hospitality Resorts Improvement, Complying with AAA-CAA « 5 Diamonds » Standards, Key Marketing Elements Analysis and Improvement, Feasibility Study, E-Com Technology Counseling, Marketing Project Support, Applied Communication Tools, International Tourism Advisory Service

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